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Our mission

The GSLW is a not-for-profit organization, the purpose of which is to provide the girls of Westfield with the opportunity to learn and to play fastpitch softball.  As a general proposition, the GSLW’s programs are open to all girls (grades K-12) who live in Westfield or who go to school in Westfield.  And, with some exceptions, the GSLW’s programs are organized and run entirely by volunteers from the Westfield community.

The GSLW’s largest programs are its spring in-town leagues.  These leagues are open to all girls in grades K-8 who live in Westfield.  They are also open to girls who go to school in Westfield, but who reside elsewhere. 
Approximately 700 girls participate in the GSLW’s four in-town leagues - the K-1 League, the International League (grades 2-3), the National League (grades 4-5) and the American League (grades 6-8).  These four leagues consist of around 50 teams that play between 10-15 games each and practice as often as field availability  would allow.

During the summer, the GSLW sponsors competitive travel teams that play in tournaments and in the Parkway Invitational Softball League ("PISL"), which is a league comprised of teams representing towns in Union, Middlesex, Essex, Morris, and Somerset counties.

During the fall, the GSLW sponsors travel fall ball as well as fall in-town(subject to field availability).

Finally, the GSLW awards yearly scholarships to graduating Westfield High School softball players, and it tries to provide softball educational opportunities.  For example, in the past year, the GSLW has provided winter and spring general skills clinics, coaching clinics, pitching clinics, and catching clinics.


The Girls Softball League of Westfield, Inc., as of February 23, 2007,  is designated by the Internal Revenue Service to be a Public Charity under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and all contributions made are deductable by the donors under section 170 of the Code.  We are also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, and transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code. If it is necessary to specify, our Federal EIN is 56-2291343.

For more information email us at

Girls Softball League of Westfield
P.O. Box 2364
Westfield, NJ 07090



  1. Know the rules of the game for the age bracket you are umpiring.
  2. Be consistent with your play calling.
  3. Show respect to players, coaches and parents.
  4. Explain the rules when needed.
  5. Be firm fair and honest.
  6. Be neutral.
  7. Know and use proper procedures.
  8. Always remain calm.


  1. Be accepting of the umpires decisions.
  2. Remain calm.
  3. Do not make loud and offensive remarks.
  4. Concentrate on coaching, rather than on the accuracy of the umpire’s decisions.
  5. Be a role model of fair play.
  6. Be positive; avoid confrontation with any official.
  7. Attend coaching clinics to learn the most effective ways to conduct practices.
  8. Give good guidelines to parents.
  9. Communicate with parents.
  10. Discourage unfair gamesmanship.


  1. Encourage fair play at home.
  2. Be supportive; i.e. be sure the player attends practices; pick your child up on time.
  3. Attend games.
  4. Be positive or quiet at games.
  5. Be respectful; expect your own children to be respectful.
  6. Volunteer to help in some capacity.
  7. Be calm and have good manners.
  8. Support the coach’s and umpires decisions.
  9. Encourage communication between coach and parent.
  10. Watch practices; focus on the drills learned.
  11. Concentrate on praising other children during the games.

Girls Softball League of Westfield Sponsors

Interested in becoming a sponsor of Girls Softball League of Westfield?  Contact us today or e-mail - to find out more information on how you can support youth sports in the Westfield area.